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30th Anniversary relay - all the info!

Hi everyone

Below is a link to the team listing, and distances for our 30 mile relay, if you want to take part and you are not on the list,then please let us know ASAP.

If you're on the list then please nominate one person from your team to gather your team's individual times, and email them to us once all the team members have completed their mileage. Results are required by March 2nd please. Please also choose a team name, and email us some photos too, (remember we can only currently run in socially distanced pairs, and close to home, so we know most of the photos will be selfies, but we would still like to see them)!

To keep things simple your team can run in any order, at any time on the relay weekend (Sat and Sun 27th and 28th February).

We are hoping to get all the T shirts distributed/collected in time for the relay, so please wear your 30th Anniversary T shirts for the event.

The £5 entry fee/contribution for the clubs charity 2021 which has just been announced as Leicester Animal Aid needs to be paid ASAP please to the Desford Striders bank account (details sent on email). We will collate the info, and then forward the amount raised to the charity, the club is covering the costs of the T shirts as a thank you to all members, and a celebration of our 30th anniversary, so all the £5 entry fee is going to the charity.

Lastly, we wanted to say we are very sorry we cannot be together for this celebration. But we know the Striders team spirit will still be there, and we hope to hold more events later in the year when hopefully things are better.

Thanks all

Andy and Sarah

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