Club Championship race night 2021


The 2021 winners are

Rebecca Wozencroft and Alan Copley  CONGRATULATIONS BOTH

The club organises a Handicap Trophy based on runner's performances in all League road and cross country races. All members of the club eligible for Striders in League races will automatically be included in the series.

How it works

Every runner is given an average time per mile based on their previous race history (from the year's races). Counting starts immediately after the club prize giving in December. This is then adjusted through the year as their performance develops.

At the Club Championship Race night runners set off in reverse order, with the person with the slowest handicap time setting off first and the fastest time setting off last.

The race is run over the tradtional Desford 5 route and, theoreritically, the handicap times should unwind so that all runners finish together. 

The idea is that it’s a level playing field for everybody and we all have a chance of claiming the prize! 

Please see our Facebook page for updates on the current times and leader board