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Striders' Charity of the Year

With the UK in the grip of the hardest cost of living crisis in memory, Desford Striders are demonstrating their commitment to helping those most in need by selecting the Hinckley Area Foodbank as its Charity of the Year for 2023.

The club’s members voted for this relatively new charity, which collects donations of food and financial support for not only Desford’s own food bank, but also those in Barwell, Burbage, Earl Shilton and Hinckley.

This is appropriate as club members live in areas other than Desford.  The manager of Hinckley Area Foodbank is absolutely delighted that the club is fundraising for them and plans to attend a future event to thank everyone personally.

One of the early 2023 fundraisers saw donations of running trainers and leggings and a gym top given away in return for donations to the charity.

There are many fundraisers planned during 2023 in the hope that Striders can replicate the success of previous years, including the two charities supported during 2022, the Stroke Association and the Sandcastle Trust.

A mix of social events, such as quizzes, skittle nights and the annual Christmas party, along with selling cakes and hot drinks to runners at league races, auctions and other events raised a grand total of £2,200. This has now been gratefully received by both charities.

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