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Club Standards Award Scheme

Club Standards Awards Scheme: Image

Each year the club encourages members to claim their Standard Award, which is awarded at the Christmas party.

The Club Standards scheme uses the standard times set for the County Standards Scheme, which is endorsed by both the network and Leicester Road Running League. Members may have noticed a standard (silver, copper, etc) allocated to their result if they have completed an LRRL race recently.

The scheme covers a wide range of abilities, which it is hoped will motivate more people to improve their running.

Certificates are issued on the basis of performances at five different distances over the course of the year to 31 October. To qualify, members must run a time in a recognised race with an accurately measured course.

More info can be found at

If you have any questions about the Club Standards scheme, please ask Amy Miller or any other committee member for details.

Club Standards Awards Scheme: Meet the Team

2023 Club Standards


Richard Billington


Lisa Botterill

Simon Clough

Nikki Fraser

Pam Lord


Amy Burch

Jenny Garret

Arelene Heeley

Stewart Heeley

Club Standards Awards Scheme: Text
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