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Couch to 5k starts January 13th 2022

*** Desford Striders C25K - Registration now open*** Come and join our c25k in 2022!!

To join it's the app Spond and use code EMMKA to find our group . You will then receive an invite for week one and you'll be asked for your £10 registration fee. ..remember this is deducted from your membership fee if you decide to join after the plan ends.

The group starts on Thursday January 13th 2022 from Sport in Desford 6pm. This is an 8 week plan designed for non runners to get to 5k.

Each week there will be a group of run leaders to support you on a Thursday, and from week 4 onwards there will be extra support available on a Monday at 6pm too.

Of course we are also here to help with any questions etc you need info on to get you to the 5k!

Message if you have any questions

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